Abdel Adrian

The Hero of Baldur's Gate, turned Duke of the City and Leader of the Flaming Fist


A Human Fighter who appears to be in his late sixties.


The hero of Baldur’s Gate once saved the city and indeed, nearly all of the Sword Coast North when he destroyed a consortium of arms dealers called The Iron Throne. Legends speak of him as the last “Bhaalspawn,” though only the old and bookish understand his connection to the dead God of Murder.

Those who know him well will know that Abdel is much older than he appears; easily over a century in age despite appearing little over 60 summers. Physically he is still spry and adept, his sense and combat instincts having dulled little over the years.

Despite valiantly defending himself, and the intervention of a group of well-meaning adventurers, Duke Abdel Adrian was murdered on Founder’s Day in the Year 1479DR by his half-brother Viekang.

Before his death, Abdel was the highest ranking officer in the Flaming Fist, as well as one of the city’s four Dukes. He held a position in the Parliament of Peers.

(Abdel is the “canonical” main character from the Baldur’s Gate video game plotline and as such plays a pivotal role in this campaign.)

Abdel Adrian

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